The Queen Bee of Cards

Die Cut with a Simple Bee StampRuth Hamilton, designer for Tonic Studios UK created this fantastic card to highlight a simple bee stamp.  I love the way she used the Celtic Circle Die to create a frame as the focal point for the stamped bee.  She also used the Daisy 2 Border punch for the black floral embellishment on the card.  What a fun color pop– I love it all!

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More Medallions and a Tail Spin

Daisy 2 Border Punch MedallionsI’m still experimenting with the Tonic Border Punches and creating medallions.  I am particularly thinking about ways to use these for the upcoming holidays–for decorating and for gift giving.  IMG_2362This one was created with a strip of paper that was punched down both long edges, then laminated (because I LOVE to laminate!) and cut out using the Sizzle Craft Iron (because it was super fast to trace the edge of the punch design with the hot tool and melt away the excess laminate).  I glued the short edges together and used a metal jewelry loop to thread through the holes of the design to pull the medallion together.  Interesting finished piece.

IMG_2363This one was just the punched strip, folded and held with a glued button in the center.  Super easy.

I also did a bigger version and just as I was trying to get an image of it, the tail spin began.  Lula wants to helpLula (short for Cholula), my daughter’s one year old short hair cat decided she needed to help.  From there, it was all downhill!!

The crafting tail of LuLaDon’t mess with this kitty and her tail. . .




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Easy Medallions with Border Punches

So I’ve been playing around with the idea of making some medallions and decided my Tonic border punches would be perfect!!  They are great because the design increments are the perfect width for the accordion folding.
Diamond Scallop Border Punch MedallionsTo create these big medallions I used two 2.5″ x 12″ strips of double sided card stock.  After punching the design along one edge, I ran it through my corrugator so it would be easier to accordion fold. I then inked and sprayed it with metallic spritz and while it was still damp I folded it and used a binder clip to hold it in place while it dried.  This made the folds really crisp.

Diamond border Punch tools To finish the medallion I glued 2 short edges together at each end (creatingn one large loop) overlapping the pattern, then glued those “seams” over a piece of floral wire so I can use them in an arrangement later.

Border MedallionsNow–Any ideas what I should put in the center??

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Cards with Borders and More

Daffodil cardI found this great site today with TONS of fun ideas for using the Tonic Studios Simplicity Border and Strip Punches to make cards.  Scroll down the page and you will find a variety of cards with links to their individual tutorials. There is even a great step by step explanation of lining up your border and strip punches at the beginning.  Enjoy!

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Scrapbook Soup with Wax

The Scrapbook Soup online schedule is now available for the upcoming season here.

Julie Fei-Fan and Paula Nelson-Hart on the Scrapbook Soup Set

Julie Fei-Fan and Paula Nelson-Hart on the Scrapbook Soup Set

Show 303 (October 18, 2013) features the Purple Cows Encaustic Scrapbook Page.  You can check out the detail page here.

Featured Project

Featured Project

More fun with wax paints and paper crafts

More fun with wax paints and paper crafts

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Encaustics: Oh the Possibilities

Encaustic Wax Flower ProjectHello! Amber here, to share this cheerful sunflower canvas with you today! I started with a 4″ x 12″ primed canvas. First, I used book paper and Mod Podge to cover the sides of the canvas. Next, I used the MELT hot tool with the Mini Iron attachment to melt and drip “Deep Sea Spearmint” colored wax all over the canvas, spreading with the Mini Iron as went from top to bottom. While the wax was still warm, I added torn pieces of Kraft-colored tissue paper for added definition and texture.

AE-Encaustic-Sunflower-PROCESS_webNext, I used a die-cutting machine to cut out two daisies. I laid these on a piece of wax paper and melted “Lemon Fizz” colored wax onto both layers.

AE-Encaustic-Sunflower-PROCESS2_webFor the middle of the sunflower, I used a scalloped circle punch and covered it with melted “Spiced Hot Chocolate” colored wax. For my hand-cut leaves, I first used “Spring Lawn” and then “Gold” wax. I used another piece of book paper to make the stem. I also hand-cut a planter-shaped design and melted “Candy Apple” over the top. Next, I hand-stamped “OH, the possibilities” (because as I was making this piece, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander to some possible future projects!) I covered those with Clear wax. All of these pieces were done individually on a piece of wax paper to keep the colors from combining on my actual canvas.

Now, we are ready to adhere the pieces onto the canvas. I melted clear wax where I wanted the sunflower to go- but just enough so that I didn’t adhere the petals. I wanted those to pop-up a bit. Things got a little messy here, and I constantly wiped off the Mini Iron onto a paper towel, to help keep the colors from mixing together. I did end up having blue melt onto my yellow petals- but one of the really great things about wax is you can melt it again and again or simply add more of the color you want to cover your mistake, which is what I did. I let the “Lemon Fizz” drip onto the parts that the “Deep Sea Spearmint” had spread to. I did this with each piece; the pointed tip of the iron works really well to “scrape away” the color that you don’t want, just keep wiping your tool on the paper towels. For details on the leaf, I used the Taper attachment.

AE-Encaustic-Sunflower-PROCESS3_webTo add yet another layer, I grabbed the Gold Wind it Wire and wrapped and bent it until I was happy with the flower shape. This was super easy! The Wind It Wire is very easy to work with- and very forgiving if you need to “re-do” something.

AE-Encaustic-Sunflower-PROCESS4_webIt was pretty easy to adhere to the canvas, as well: I added a little bit more “Spiced Hot Chocolate” to the center of my sunflower and while it was still warm, I pressed the wire right into the wax. I then dripped a little more around the center of the wire flower to make sure it was secure when it dried.

AE-Encaustic-Sunflower-SIDE-Finally, I dripped “Gold” drops randomly around the canvas. A few minutes later when everything was dry, I used a white paint pen to outline everything and to give it some detail with doodles. Last, I added a red embellishment to the center of the wire flower. And there you have it, a bright and happy piece of art!

AE-Encaustic-Sunflower-CU-webWhat’s next?! ….”OH, the possibilities!”


Amber Engelh{art}
Cheerful Mixed Media with a Modern Folk Art Flair.
Original Artwork. Custom Pieces Available.



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Encaustic Layout on Scrapbook Soup

Vintage Layout using Encaustic Wax

Click here for the Video 


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Creating with Warm Wax

I just can’t seem to stay away from the craft iron these days.  Here’s some of the latest out of the studio.

Encaustic Wax Butterfly Shape

This was one of those pre-printed pieces of wood from JoAnn’s. I added the background first, then it was like “paint by numbers” filling in the design. Super Easy!

Encaustic Daisies on Wood

I started this by stamping an image on a simple wood circle shape from JoAnn’s, then I just used the encaustic paint to color it in.

Encaustic Heart Tag

Cecilly Hart has been playing in the studio with me and created this fun tag using the wax pen/stylus tip. I love the texture!

Encaustic Card with flowers

This was a collaboration. Cecilly created these beautiful little flowers with phonebook pages and I spread some wax around the stamped image and the papers. We threw in some burlap and feathers and hit a home run!

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Not Just a Doorstop

Once a phonebook, now a roseI was tripping over the new phonebook the other day when I realized how great the pages would soak up encaustic paint.  Voila!

Pages were torn from the phone book and covered in Purple Cows encaustic paint, then punched with the soon to be available Tonic Flower Punches.

Pages were torn from the phone book and covered in Purple Cows encaustic paint, then punched with the soon to be available Tonic Flower Punches.

The petals were curled on the edge of some scissors like ribbon.

The petals were curled on the edge of some scissors like ribbon.

I think I like it!



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Get Ready for Spring Planting

I just came across this fabulous post from Scrapbook Your Treasured Memories.  Seriously brilliant way to welcome in spring with your Purple Cows Laminator!

Purple Cows Laminator and Hot Pockets make great garden markers

Brilliant Idea! Laminated seed packets for garden markers!


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Warming Up for the Weekend

Melt Craft Iron in Use

Recycling Magazine pages with Tonic Punches and Purple Cows Encaustic Paint.

We are warming things up in the pasture this weekend with some soon to be released Tonic Studios Punches,  encaustic wax paint, the Melt Craft Iron  and some old magazine pages.

Check out the finished project next week!

What are you doing this weekend?

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Spring Decor with Pattern Paper Scraps

For a quick fun and kitty loving project, shred some cute printed scrapbook paper scraps and curl.  Great for Easter grass alternatives and a fun and festive basket filler.Shredded Scrapbook Paper Curls

Cute paper leftovers

Our kitten decided she wanted to play with the festive paper curls

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