3015c Laminator Instruction Manual

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3015c Laminator Instruction Manual

Printable Instruction Manual for the 9" Hot and Cold Laminator #3015c

3015c Instruction Guide

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No Member Photo by Julie Peres posted 8/3/2011 2:07 AM
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I was using the laminator and the pockets got stuck in the laminator. They did not go through. Not sure what I should do. Hope that you can help.

Julie Peres

Hi Julie--Sometimes this can happen, especially if the laminator gets too hot (has been on for a long time) or if the item you are laminating is either really light weight (like newspaper or dried leaves) or it is an unusual shape that doesn't go to the corners of the pocket.  Trying to remove the pocket once its wrapped around the roller is tricky and depends on the Laminator model number you have.  To avoid this, anytime you are laminating a pocket that is either lightweight or not completely full, or sometimes just the really small pockets, send the filled pocket through the laminator on top of a plain piece of paper.  The paper helps keep the front edge of the pocket from wrapping around the rollers.  Go to the product support section above and fill out the ticket with your model number and our customer service department will respond right away.  Thanks for asking the question.

Purple Cows KB :)
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